soko express Driver and Job Information

Driver / Vehicle Requirements


-Easygoing Personality

-Great Communication


-Good Driving Record

-Ability to use Mobile Applications 

-Sprinter / Cargo Vans 2010 or Newer (Aim Under $40,000 if new & under $25,000 if used) 

-Cargo bay has  to be at least 120"  long and 

60" tall at the rear door. 

-We prefer 144" and 170" sprinters.

Soko drivers choose locally or nationwide. 

We do not force dispatch 

Insurance Requirements


-1 Million in Liability Insurance

-100,000 in Cargo Insurance 

-Add our company and address as a certificate holder and additional insured

Soko Express LLC

340 E. Louther Street

Suite 7

Carlisle, PA 17013

The certificate must mention additionally insured above our company name!

*Remember every insurance company will charge different prices for the same policy even if its the same company at 2 different locations. (Aim for $500-800 a month)

Pay Information


-We pay every Friday!

-Local drivers make $750-$2,000 a week. 

-Over the road drivers make $1,750 to $4,000 with an average of $2,500. 

-All prices are Gross and do not include Soko's 17% dispatch fee or any expenses.

-We pay per load and do not pay empty miles, but will try to incorporate empty miles into rate. 

-Pay is anywhere from $200-$300 for 100 miles, $300-$350 for 200 miles, Anything over 300 miles we try to get you at least a dollar per mile. Over 500 miles is 70 cents to $1 per mile.

Soko Express takes 17% of weekly rate as part of Soko's Dispatch Fee.

Success is a team effort

We are not looking for box trucks, we are hiring individuals who OWN their SPRINTER VANS. If you own anything other than a sprinter do not apply. If you own a sprinter then apply and someone will get back to you Friday regarding your application. Read the requirements and information above. If you have any more questions, you can send them to .